Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hello again: A montage

I've been a little missing in action lately, so I've decided to provide an assorted bag of Sentinel/ Tribune related articles. Here goes:

1. An insightful post was laid down yesterday by my fellow blogger, Maria Padilla, on the subject of the Tribune's massive financial loss in the second quarter of their fiscal year. If you haven't already heard about it already the Tribune (Sentinel mothership) lost 4.53 billion dollars. Interestingly, most of the lost stemmed from a giant accounting charge.
2. This is from July (so, you may have come across it before) but the interviews contains what are most likely the only answers we'll receive from Bonita Burton on the re-design. It's not the answers to all our burning questions but the highlights (things that amused me) include:
-The alleging that there are provocative things in the Sentinel.
-The alleging  that most people don't notice editorials.
-The alleging that the redesign deposited juicy content in the paper.

3. A petition has been started to ask Sam Zell to award seats on the board of Directors to Tribune workers and Tribune readers. If this sounds good to you, if you'd like to put some heat on Zell or if it has always been your life dream to be appointed to board... sign it here.

4. The People Power Hour, a local radio show that "isn't afraid to hold those in power to task", is doing a show on the "new and improved" Orlando Sentinel. The show will be this Saturday on WAMT 1190 AM at 11 AM. And I encourage anybody who has a few choice words (beware of the FCC) about the redesign or the reductions of the Orlando Sentinel to call in and be heard at 407-273-1190 or 888-300-3776.


Anonymous said...

Steve Doyle is leaving the Sentinel to become editor of The Sentinel News in his hometown of Shelbyville, Kentucky.

As some of you know, Steve has held the top editing job in sports, features and business news over his 27-year Sentinel career. He's been the AME for content development for the last 7 years. And he has served with distinction in each job.

Because Steve will be in the newsroom through Aug. 29, we'll have plenty of chances to say goodbye and hear him tell a few more anecdotes about his native Kentucky, baseball or golf

Mark Baratelli said...

What questions did you want answered? I'll email her and ask them. Or you can.

Anonymous said...

I heard you and Maria Padilla on the People Power Hour show today; great job! I enjoyed hearing you both. And who did that hilarious parody they played?