Friday, October 17, 2008

October it's kind of like August except with dead leaves

If you are actually reading this after two months have passed without a single post, I provide you with answers to your FAQ (frequently asked questions):

1) Why haven't there been any updates?
In August, I started my sophomore year at college and have been pretty wrapped up in that since. 

But, I also began to feel that my posts were becoming rather redundant. The blog was definitely started to speak out about changes and cover ups going on at the Orlando Sentinel (as well as its parent company, the Tribune) but I'm not so sure it was effective in that purpose. After a while the comment section turned from analyzing the situation and suggesting actions to be taken to just badmouthing people. And like I've said from day one, this blog is not about bashing the Sentinel or its employees, it is about speaking out about and fight back against the crisis affecting the paper and its employees. I feel like we got pretty far from that idea.

It seems that everyone (including me) has offered way more criticisms than solutions. Sam Zell maybe not care about you and your boss might be mean to you, but I don't think anybody (sane) is hoping for the collapse of this or any other Tribune paper. 

So, to return to the original purpose of the blog, I am not posting anything unless it is: a) some sort of plausible plan or suggestion for dealing with the crisis at the Sentinel (and within the Tribune); b) a personal account of your experiences with Sentinel management during this rough time; c) news about some sort of dire issue concerning Sentinel/Tribune employees.
*And honestly, I will still probably take a bit to post it because there is much to tend to at school.

2) There must be something newsworthy going on at the Sentinel/Tribune, why haven't you posted any of it?
If this newsworthy item fit into one of the categories above I was probably not aware of it. I am no longer in Orlando, so my sole source of information on the Sentinel is what you pass on to me.

When this blog started I asked for volunteers for co-posters- that offer still stands.

3) Is____ blog gone?
At least 80% of the time I am asked this I do not know or do not know well the author of this other blog. Therefore, you should probably e-mail that blog and find out from the most accurate source.

4) Why do I keep coming to this blog, no
 updates since mid-August?
Magic? Subconscious yearning to see the dramatic layout? I have no idea.

Things you didn't ask me or already have the answers to: 
  • The Columbia Journalism Review will have a story concerning labor reactions towards the crisis in the newspaper in their upcoming (Nov/Dec ) issue.
  • The Eagles of "Hotel California" fame played at Sam Zell's sweet 67th b-day party.

  • The Tell Zell blog has been on hiatus and people are convinced an extraordinary rendition is underway.
  •  On November 6, 2008, the Orlando Area FPRA (Florida Public Relations Association) is holding an event called "Crossing the Great Divide", and it is specifically for former journalists.  Tips for making a transition to public relations as a career will be shared and discussed at the event. "Crossing the Great Divide" is to be held on Nov. 6 at the Citrus Restaurant (821 N. Orange Ave) in the bar area from 6pm-8pm. 
          For more information contact:
          Jamie Floer, APR: 407-244-3685 


Joseph Reed Hayes said...

If I were young enough to read the teeny card, I probably wouldn't need to go to the meeting. As there's nothing at all on the FPRA website, can you tell us where this information came from?

jamiefloer said...

For anyone interested, here is what the html says:
The Orlando Area Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association invites former or current journalists to discuss how to make the transition to public relations as a career. On hand will be a few recovering journalists (print, TV, radio) who have traversed this change to share their experience. Anyone who is curious is welcome to attend the free event.
Thursday, Nov. 6
6-8 p.m.
in the bar area of Citrus Restaurant, 821 N. Orange Ave., Orlando
Information: Jamie Floer, APR

rknil said...

In honor of the blog's return, let's look at an entry from the Best of Bonita:

Everyone's favorite airhead, Bobo Ringwald, has to share a "true" story about Matty:

"I have two favorite Matt encounters. The first came at the end of an 18-hour day that began at 6 a.m. on 9-11. As we regarded the extra edition and next day’s report that would go on to win multiple SND gold medals and “World’s Best Designed” distinction, I turned to Matt and said, ‘You knew exactly what this paper was going to look like before you even left the house today, didn’t you?” Exhausted but totally amped, he just smiled and nodded."

First, take notice that even after the worst attack on the nation, all the design dolts care about is their meaningless SND awards.

Second, take notice that we're supposed to believe they made decisions before they had even seen photos and articles. Ludicrous.