Monday, January 12, 2009

For Old Time's Sake

I just received some information about new developments at the Sentinel and I thought I would pass them along.

From: Hall, Charlotte H
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2009 10:25 AM
Subject: Florida Today Sharing
Importance: High

To All:
Today we begin a test of a content-sharing partnership with Florida Today. Routine news stories and advances of events posted on our Web sites can be picked up by the other paper for publication in the next print cycle. Stories and photos will be attributed to the originating paper, and bylines will be used. Exempted from the sharing arrangement are columns, investigative stories and major enterprise stories.
Florida Today content will not appear on and vice versa, but the Web editors from the papers will pursue an aggregation strategy, including RSS feeds for some content.
During the test, the managing editors and team leaders will also explore the possibility of pooled coverage or team coverage of events on a case by case basis.
The test will run three months, and the arrangement could be made permanent or expanded at the end of that period. Mark Russell and Roger Simmons are the point people in our newsroom. If you have questions, you can direct them to Russ, Roger or me.


Anonymous said...

dozens of Florida Today staffers have evolved to and thru the Slantinel over the years (right Laff? right Lauren? right Mike T.?) Happy to see both so-so papers essentially merge. both will be gone within two years - get those resumes ready folks!
can you say - "want fries with that?"

Anonymous said...

time to do some poking. major changes afoot. elimination of copy editors should ring some bells. if you find it, they will come.