Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Political field day

Orlando area politicians are set to have a field day because there is no way that the Sentinel editorial board will be able interview candidates for endorsements.

I know this because I sat on the edit board for 18 years. While there were several endorsements that I didn't personally agree with, I can tell you that many truly bad people -- stupid, corrupt, etc. did not get the endorsement and did not get elected.

I personally had a role in stopping a few candidates who were downright dangerous.

Beyond the edit pages, does anyone really expect whatever remains of the Sentinel staff to give the public any useful information on the candidates.

Crooked politicians are dancing in the streets!!!!!!


benjamin b markeson said...

please add me to this blog so i can start posting.



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for writing this blog. Reporters at the Sentinel are so beaten down we barely protest. Some are so disgusted with the paper we want to cancel our subscriptions.

Ignore the cheap shots. A lot of people who will knock your blog set up a false dichotomy. They paint those who are critical of the changes as against all change in general and ignorant to the economic realities of the newspaper industry; they think of themselves as saviors of journalism. They're not. In fact, they're usually just ill-informed and lack the old-fashioned skepticism that any good thinker should have.

Most critical staffers are fine with meeting the production demands of the Internet and reading a paper with bright colors. We simply want to preserve the quality of our journalism. And we know all too well that our incredibly productive, talented and exhausted staff cannot do more with less.