Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So True

I found this post while trying to look for other blogs mentioning the Sentinel's ugly new mug. The entry by Howard Owens basically says that the people who really even consider reading the newspaper are the people who like to read the newspaper. These 'newspaper people' don't read for an edition of the CNN news ticker style on paper. They read because they enjoy the general format of a newspaper: important in-depth stories, sections with real focus on their categories. Along the way, Owen's post pretty much puts to shame the views of the Sentinel's management (according The Wall Street Journal) which range from:

Sentinel Editor, Charlotte Hall proclaiming "our community is very fast moving, very modern it's changing. We need to have a paper like that too."

To Tribune owner, Sam Zell believing the paper is not catching enough of  "readers used to the pizzazz and immediacy of the Web."

So, although the post is a few days old, I advise you to check it out and the Tribune to take notes.

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