Monday, July 21, 2008

What If?

What if we didn't feel like waiting until the Sentinel decides to publish what will probably be a very sterile report on their "cutbacks"? What if we wanted the report this week? 

What if we didn't have to accept the polished spin they'll likely put on the story as "their word" on the changes? What if we wanted to hear "the report" straight from the mouths of the Orlando Sentinel's management?

What if we could have a dialogue with them rather than a monologue from them?

What if you could ask the Sentinel's management anything about the cutbacks, the changes and the clandestine way they've gone about them?

What would you ask? 

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Anonymous said...

We have lost so much substance already, and the full effect of the cutbacks hasn't even taken place. What's the eventual news hole going to be? How do you talk me into continuing to get home delivery when I'm getting so much less for my money? Speaking of that, how long until home-delivery prices go up? And what do you offer us as credibility collateral for any of the answers to the above?

rknil said...

I'd want to know why they insist on focusing on design over content, especially when no redesign has ever delivered more than a short-term circulation boost at any newspaper.

Also, they promised more whistle-blower stories. How do they propose to make that happen with fewer staffers?

Anonymous said...

Meet your fan club, a k a "rknil"

The world's angriest copy editor?

Anonymous said...

Recently when my subscription was to expire I called the circulation department and asked if they could give me a better price for 6 months. They did. I am paying about half of what the stated price would have been. After looking at the paper in the past few weeks I certainly don't feel bad about asking for, and getting, a reduced rate.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested to see how things settle after the 2nd round of layoffs. How will the Sentinel be able to justify keeping so many managers with fewer peons to supervise?

I mean, take a look at the first round: the only "manager" was Mary Ann Horne, and she was low-level.

What about all the fat-cat AMEs who produce NOTHING and offer little guidance to their staffs?

Anonymous said...

I, too, got a great deal on my subscription..... We canceled it -- and got $41 back.

So, Sentinel managers, how can you justify the current rates when there is less news? I can't imagine advertisers being happy about that. Otherwise, what distinguishes the Sentinel from any of the local shoppers?

How can you justify having an editor in charge of recruitment when you're dumping talented people? And yes, why do you have all those AMES? Talk about deadwood.

Also, why do you need a managing editor? Why not just merge that job function with Fort Lauderdale, as you've done in so many cases?

And, Charlotte Hall, how are you living up to your responsibility to the community?

Sentinel managers are just puppets and Sam Zell is pulling their strings.

Anonymous said...

Let's see ... Orlando Weekly: attitude/voice/clear mission/loyal readership. Orlando Business Journal ... business news of record, also a clear voice. Orlando Sentinel ... an aging hooker in a torn prom dress and too much makeup who left her family to turn tricks for tourists. Would someone tell Lee Abrams that Orlando is more than tourism.

rknil said...

Yet another anonymous, gutless poster falls for the fake post at nutcake Alan Jacobson's site.

Jacobson is just the type of crazy person who would thrive at the current Sentinel. And he apparently has lots of spineless dittoheads who run around parroting him.

But the ultimate smackdown of Jacobson came from an exec at the Bakersfield Californian, which is one of the papers he conned into thinking he could help. The exec said not to expect much from anything Wacko Jaco contributed.

Jacobson has no credibility, and nor do the various anons who run around copying false material from his site.